Top 5 common mistakes in your build up

by jetblackcoach February 23, 2012

With your season fast approaching here are some common mistakes often made in your buildup.


1: Not planning your season, or sticking to your plan

By planning a good year plan for your season will help you achieve your goals and possibly help you avoid over training. Setting simple specific and achievable goals along the way will help you maintain focus and enthusiasm throughout the season.  Laying out a good season plan is one step that will also help you avoid other common training mistakes throughout the year.

2: Update your target training zones

Make sure you are training at the correct levels, Re test for your training zones and don’t rely on past seasons results. Try to re advise your levels every three to four months to stay on top of your training zones, adapting your training along the way. This will help you avoid under and over training.

3: Work on your weakness’s

We all like to feel good about our training. This sometimes leads us to train to our strengths and do sessions we are good at. Your body likes it and your mind LOVES it. Now is the time to work on your weaknesses, break the habit and go places you don’t like going. Hill sessions, anaerobic threshold sessions, try to cover all aspects of riding within your week and focus on the weak link. Don’t forget to factor in a rest day. The body likes these but for some the mind doesn’t.

4: Do your own thing

Cycling is a very social sport and for some that’s why they ride. Consistently changing your training plan to fit others can be a mistake. I see a lot of riders going from one bunch ride to another and doing this often ride to other peoples pace and intensity. Sure bunch riding is good and social but don’t forget your plan and goals. You may need to train by yourself or with one or two likeminded people to get your specific sessions done. Training off of others is an easy mistake to fall into 

Plan social ride days into your week or simply let the bunch now of your training intentions that day. You might find it very empowering getting a bunch doing a specific session.  

5: Post training food

Don’t forget to plan your post session recovery food. If you are wanting to train again later that day or the next it is very important to schedule some food with in the magical 20mins to 30 mins after training. Make sure you add some protein into the meal / snack to aid recovery. If you miss this meal it has been proven it will slow your recovery time down considerably.

Try this: Straight after training take a hand full of simple glycogen like jet planes / wine gums (sweets) but only a few!!!! Within 5 minutes have some fruit like an apple or a banana. 20 minutes later have your main recovery meal which includes a good % of protein. (This could be a recovery drink) We have found this recovery plan very beneficial to the athlete’s recovery time. Also easy to plan and take along with you to sessions.