Tapering for an event takes practice

by jetblackcoach February 23, 2012

Tapering for a cycling event

FAQ: How do I taper for my main event?

Answer: This is the magic question that makes or breaks a good coach. So many factors come into the decision but if I just look at a club rider aiming for an event over the 100kms, the following is what I would suggest doing.

Depending on your build up your last big ride could be two weeks out. You must continue with the intensity through the next week but drop distance and increase rest periods between intervals. You could also add one extra rest day in this week.

The week leading up to the event I would take the Monday off, Train lightly, 1 hour on Tuesday. Do 90 to 120mins on the Wednesday with couple of short efforts, Rest day Thursday then a light 30 / 60 mins on Friday. Go BALLISTIC on Saturday (race day). Some people I know get a good result from doing a hard ride the day before an event. But remember to keep it reasonably short. Doing this just reminds the body and brain what it’s all about. If you were to stop training completely for the week leading into the race remember to adjust your eating plan for the week. The last thing you would want is to go into the event 5 kilo’s over weight. Something happens to the muscle as well when you rest up completely and most tend to feel very lethargic / heavy during the event. So keep active leading into the week and plan your day well