Session Review: Power crazy...Sprint baby SPRINT

by jetblackcoach November 08, 2013

Session Review: Power crazy…Sprint baby Sprint

Time: 1:17:24

Intensity: Short explosive power

If you have downloaded this session then you are in for a treat.

Cycling is an aerobic discipline with more than 98% of the work covered by aerobic metabolism. This aerobic feeling is how you feel sitting in a bunch, spinning just capable enough to discuss which cafe the next coffee stop is it at. However, anaerobic is quite the opposite. The anaerobic feeling is best described as ‘hell’ for an athlete. Legs, heart and lungs are burning and there is a high potential you may be seeing this morning’s breakfast again. As pleasant as that sounds getting to this state is the difference between you dropping the bunch or the bunch dropping you.

This type of session is perfect for your indoor trainer as you can purely just focus on these short VERY hard sprints knowing that you won’t get hit by a car. With a descending rest period you will notice as the session goes on the difficulty to breathe increases. This is where you want to be. Another great benefit of downloading this session is having an Olympic coach in your ear counting your reps and keeping you accountable for your intensity. It’s very easy to lose your focus when you get to this fatigued state. Using ‘Power Crazy’ from the JetBlack coaching site would always be more beneficial to you than trying to complete a similar session by yourself.

Download this session and schedule it into your training program at least once a week to get dramatic improvements in you anaerobic strength. Everyone will be wondering what you are on…..SPRINT BABY SPRINT.