Hill Climbing 1: Technique or Power ?

by jetblackcoach February 08, 2012

FAQ I can’t climb. How do I get better at hills?

Answer: Hill climbing is an art and what works for one doesn’t work for others. It all comes down to power to weight ratio and technique. You are in control of the power to weight issue. Doing hill reps and strength work will help but if you don’t look at your weight you will end up pushing that un needed love up hill.

There is an old saying. “standing uses up too much energy”. Forget that, if you are efficient at this then do it. I can climb far better out of the saddle. But if you have the strength in the legs and lower back sitting is good. Cadence is very personal as well. You might not have the fitness and technique to spin up a hill so a lower cadence will suit. Practice is what is needed and don’t be afraid to try different techniques as this is what the winter is for.

Standing Technique: When standing most people stand straight up keeping their pelvis directly over the bottom bracket. What happens here is when your pedal get down to the bottom of the pedal stroke you have a dead spot as all your weight is directly above Move your pelvis forward; straighten your elbows slightly so you are standing higher. This will bring you into a position where it feels like you are going to knee your handle bar. Once this is achieved you will find that dead spot disappears and you can sweep across the bottom of the pedal stroke. Remember keep your body centre line in line with your handler bar stem. Keep upper body still, move the bike thru your wrists flexing. Don’t grip the bar!

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