Indoor Training

by jetblackcoach February 23, 2012

FAQ: Indoor training. Is it good to do all year round?

Yes, Not only can you gain great fitness, strength and endurance. The beauty of the indoor trainer is it is CONTROLLED. Making intervals very precise, I personally believe that for the club rider or weekend rider one indoor session per week is essential. For both time and the fact you can recover from a harder session easier than when you hammer yourself on the road. Take into account work, family and other commitments all playing a big part in the recovery process. Not all of us have the time to lie on the couch after training. It all adds up.

With the indoor trainers these days you can get very precise. Look at what features the indoor trainer has before buying one. With a power display you can mimic the power needed on the road. On average 40 minutes on the trainer is equal to 1 hour on the road. Another great feature of training indoors is the Technique work you can do all year around. Single leg work, power cranks etc all add up to great form on the road.