12 Week JetBlack Training Program....Week 7

by jetblackcoach July 24, 2016

About the 12 weeks,

In this 12 week program, I will set the 2 main sessions for the Week. These sessions will compliment each other and build you up to your event in 12 weeks. This will be a general program that covers events for  Road and Mountain Biking up to 5 hour in duration.  I will set your two main sessions and you cover your recovery and Aerobic rides. 1 session will be a specific  indoor session and the other performed outdoors  or indoors. Remember recover from these session is important. I will let you know each week the gap between each of these JetBlack sessions. Also, these sessions start at a point you should have good bike fitness or a strong base behind you. I suggest you perform a ZONE TEST before you start this program. This way you will get the best results. We will test half way through the program and near the end.  Any questions just email me.

Week 7.. Moderate / Hard week, Here we go again!

Indoor session
Tuesday or Wednesday

clock. These are hard mentally to do but once under control you will gain great improvements.

The Session:
Warm up 10 mins, include 3 to 4 x 30 secs sprints to wake your legs up.

4 x 8min intervals with a 3 min rest

The intervals go like this:
Hit 90 rpm sitting at 90% FTP, or PRE 8, Every 2 mins lift to 110% FTP, PRE 9 for 20 secs
Stay seated during these little attacks, once the 20 secs is up drop straight back to your original pace / intensity and hang on! Note how long it takes to get back in control after each little sprint. Take 3mins recovery after each interval.
Warm down in an easy gear for 5 mins after.

Session 2
Road or indoors
add resistanceAEROBIC ENDURANCE:
Warm up 20 mins,
Choose a route that is slightly rolling, no big climbs.
Select a gear you can hold 65 to 70 rpm at no higher than 80% FTP, PRE 6.5. Ride SEATED for 20 mins. Then take 5 mins easy gear riding. Repeat 3 to 4 times.
Finish last interval off with 3 mins in a very easy gear sitting at 110 rpm.

During for the interval it should feel like you have huge pressure on your legs. Once into it you will find your heart rate will drop and you gain control of your breathing. Hold it steady and try to remain seated, You may find your lower back feels it close to the end, hold your core nice and firm and keep your upper body still.  Finish with the 3 mins of fast legs....this hurts for a bit.

Phew, feel the strength developing.